Roam Oatmeal was Born in Patagonia

Really - We're Serious

In 2015, Co-Founder Kevin and two friends ventured into the deep Patagonian backcountry with 105 liters of gear each. For the next few months they explored some of the most remote backcountry in the world, descending the wild rivers of Chile into the beautiful glacial valleys and inlets. This oatmeal was born on that trip. To stay fueled, and more importantly to keep breakfast enjoyable, the crew started mixing the various things they could find in the local markets with their oatmeal, setting the foundation for the flavors and recipes that became Roam Oatmeal.

Pacific Northwest Roots

Back in the US, Kevin and Russell backpacked into the Wallowa Mountains in Oregon, and it was here that the idea to turn these delicious oatmeal blends into a business started. There's nothing like hours of hiking, sitting around the campfire, and talking about life to put a plan in motion, and that's exactly what happened. The seeds of the idea grew, and after almost two years of modifying and perfecting the recipes, we are excited to bring Roam Oatmeal to you.


Backpacking food should be delicious and keep you going, and we are proud to have a product that does both. Made in Portland with only organic ingredients, this oatmeal is inspired by and designed for the beautiful backcountry and wild spaces of the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere the trail might take you. So grab a couple pouches and hit the trail with confidence in your breakfast.